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Great teams communicate well, focus on results, are organized, and enjoy what they do.   Married for over 25 years and business partners since 2008. We are an effective team!


Our ultimate goal is our client’s confidence in a retirement income plan that can serve them and their family for years to come.


Jim Birks (Heart of a teacher, temperament of a coach)


Financial Advisor since 1989 

Jim grew up in suburban Maryland outside of Washington DC, University of Maryland grad, awesome wife and business partner Becky, three wonderful kids (JD, Mike, and Tori), Sterling VA resident. Love being outside coaching sports, fishing and hunting, cooking and then eating a meal with family and friends.

How would you describe your personality in one sentence?
I work hard at maintaining a life balanced on what's most important. 

What is your fantasy job?
Fishing boat Captain for monster tuna in Cape Cod bay.

What are your wardrobe constants?
Ha!, I'm a lean 6'5" and a size 14 shoe. It's not easy.

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
Life is Good!

Most humbling moment (lately)?
My son Mike asked to borrow my golf clubs (which I hadn't used in over three years), I said yes but lectured him a good long time on how to take care of them. We went together a week later to practice and I managed to ground the club of my driver, snap off the head, and send it flying 50 yards down the fairway. My frustration quickly turned to laughter as he and I shared the moment.


Becky Birks (Clients love her most!)

Client Services Specialist

Becky grew up in Lexington, MA (remember the “Shot Heard Round the World”); graduated from the University of Maryland; been married to Jim for over 25 years with three terrific children. I hate to go to the gym and I'm still waiting for the “high” athletes get from exercising. I go so I can eat Jim's cooking. I love to be outside walking, hiking, biking, and skiing. I work to travel (especially to the beach.)

How would you describe your personality in one sentence? Chatty. I'm friendly and once I get talking I'm good for all night.

What is your fantasy job?
I used to want to be a ski instructor. Now I would like to write for a travel magazine.

What are your wardrobe constants?
I love all types of clothes, especially preppy sundresses.

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
Have a GREAT day

Most humbling moment (lately)?
Hmmm, I think as a parent I am humbled almost daily. I also just tried yoga - while I was struggling to touch my toes I was peaking at the other people doing handstands! Guess I have a lot of work to do.


J.D. Birks (a.k.a. Superman or Google)

Financial Advisor

J.D. grew up in Sterling, VA; graduated from the College of William and Mary; Member of the VA National Guard, Eldest of Jim and Becky’s three terrific children. I love to stay physically fit, read, and when nobody is looking I will still play an occasional video game.  

How would you describe your personality in one sentence? I feel called to help people and make our country a better place.

What is your fantasy job? Write a book and some day run for public office.

What are your wardrobe constants?
LL Bean. I love my tan corduroys. When not at work, I’m at home in a flannel shirt and jeans. 

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
How can I help you?

Most humbling moment (lately)?
Having to sing karaoke at my girlfriend’s Christmas party!  They said I did great but it was late in the evening… who knows.


Investment Custodian

Client accounts are custodied by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Schwab is the Leading Custodian for Independent Advisors supporting over 7,500 firms with $1.3 Trillion in AUM.